Designer in a Binder PDF Upgrade for Prior Purchasers (3rd Edition)

Thank you so much for being a prior purchaser of the Designer in a Binder system! 

What is the difference between the 2nd Edition and the brand new 3rd Edition?

After selling over 4,000 copies of Designer in a Binder® we surveyed our customers to find out where they were getting stuck or what they would like to see more of.

We actually LISTENED to the responses because we are committed to making this the best product possible! Then we took action and re-wrote the educational portion ofDesigner in a Binder®  (the worksheets are unchanged).

The educational part ofDesigner in a Binder® DOUBLED in length. We added tons of illustrations, diagrams and more to make every step of the system crystal clear. With all the new examples and illustrations, art placement, proper scale, furniture planning, etc., you will have more confidence than ever as you create your designs!

The 3rd edition also arrives in a custom shipping box AND includes a keepsake box for storing larger samples, such as tile and carpet, that cannot fit in your binder.